Marlboro Banya



Ukha, clear Russian soup, made from various types of fish

Okroshka, cold vegetable soup with rye bread kvas or yogurt

Ukrainian Borsht, traditional beet soup with short ribs beef


Smoked Dry Fish

Herring with Baked Potatoes

Assortment of Pickled Vegetables

Salo (cured pork fat), onions, garlic, rye bread, mustard


Blini, sour cream, jam or honey

Khachapuri with cheese

Samsa with lamb

Chebureki “Moscow style”

Khinkali, twisted knobs of dough, stuffed with lamb & spices

Meat Ravioli “Sibirskie”, beef and chicken

Potato Ravioli “Vareniki”

Eggs any Style, choice of cheese, bacon, tomato & onions

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Home Style Potatoes with Mushrooms

Baby Potatoes, spices and dill


Garden Fresh Salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, mixed greens and onions

Kavkaz Salad, coarsely chopped fresh vegetables

Greek Salad, olives, feta cheese, sweet peppers topped with air-dried cured beef

Thai Salad, spicy beef, cucumber, sweet red pepper

Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna Salad, add $2


Grass Fed All Natural Burger, served with hand-cut fries

Charbroiled Beef or Chicken Kebab

Chicken Lulya Kebab, cutlets of spiced ground chicken

Chicken Tabaka, flattened Cornish Hen with ample crushed garlic

Kazan Kebab for two, beef, onions, spices, add $9

Plov (Pilaf) with Beef or Chicken for two, add $9

Alaskan Salmon, grilled or baked with vegetables


Home Style Potatoes, Rice, Buckwheat, Pasta, French Fries, Crispy Bread Bites


Organic Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Pot, lemon, jam and honey 12

Black: Ceylon, Earl Grey

Green: Imperial Green, Green with flowers, Green with Lemon Ginseng

Herbal: Egypt Chamomile flowers, Moroccan Mint leaves, Rosehips Cranberry Orange

Coffee pot 9

Bottled water 3

Pellegrino 9

Coca-Cola, Sprite 3.50

Rye bread kvas, glass/pitcher 3.50/12

Berry morse, glass/pitcher 3.50/12

Fresh squeezed juice 8

Orange, apple, pineapple, carrot, celery, beet, lemon

Dessert of the Day 9

Fruit Platter 14

No outside food or drinks are allowed. Our private party menu starts from $49 pp

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